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Angling Destinations


Boulder Creek ~ 15 minute drive

Boulder Creek is one of Boulders most prized possessions, running from Barker Reservoir through town past the campus of CU and out into the flats of Colorado. From start to finish this is a fine trout fishery full of wild browns, rainbows, and even some colorful brookies up towards the town of Nederland. If you can really devote some time to fishing the creek there are even a few cutthroats to be found.  Go for the Boulder Creek grand slam! Read more...


Clear Creek ~ 25 minute drive

Clear Creek is a great river that has been damanged from years of mining abuse, but now is on the rebound and is a great way to spend a day.  With the headwaters begining at the Contential Divide near Loveland Ski Resort, the stream flows downstream into the small mining town of Georgetown where you will find classic pocketwater fishing to small rainbows, cutthroats, and brookies.  From there the river flows east until it hits route 6 where it enters Clear Creek Canyon.  This just might be some of the best scenery to be found on the river. Read more...


Big Thompson River ~ 45 minute drive

The Big Thompson or the Big "T" as it’s known to the locals, flows out of  the Front Range and is one of the best tail waters we have close by. With its head waters beginning around the corner in Rocky Mountain National Park, the river flows through the park, through downtown Estes, and into Lake Estes. From there the water is released from the dam and heads down "the canyon" where US 34 follows the river on its journey towards the flats of Colorado and the town of Loveland. Read more...


Rocky Mountain Natl. Park ~ 1 hour drive

This may just be one of the best resources that the Front Range of Colorado has to offer. The "Park" as locals like to call it has too many lakes and streams to begin to speak about.  The Park really has it all, from big browns in Moraine Park to beautiful native Greenback Cutts in high mountain streams and lakes.  The Greenback is the Colorado state fish and was thought to be extinct around the turn of the century. Lucky for anglers a remnant population was found and RMNP has gone through lengthy efforts to return the Front Range’s native trout back to its home range. Read more...

Bear Creek ~ 1 hour drive

Bear Creek is a true Front Range gem. If you like fishing dry flies to rising fish, this creek is for you. Packed full of healthy Rainbow and Brown Trout, this beautiful cascading creek is best know for its mild run-off, making it a great option for your April – June trips.

Colorado River ~ 2 hour drive


Upper Colorado River is home to an extraordinary population of hard fighting wild Brown Trout. This section of river is a great opportunity to experience all that fly-fishing has to offer. Whether it’s long accurate dry fly casts to sipping fish, swinging streamers, or nymphing deep runs for some of the BIG Browns, a guided trip on the upper Colorado will turn you into a true fly-fisherman.

Dream Stream ~ 2.5 hour drive

This section of the South Platte River is an incredible snaking stream through a majestic high mountain grass valley, and it gets better. Huge Rainbow, Cutthroat, and Brown Trout can be tricked by a fly and could easily be the largest trout you will ever see. The Dream Stream is no secret, but people come from all over to cast at these huge trout and find that they are very difficult to catch. A Front Range Anglers professional guide will show you how to find these huge fish, present your flies, hook fish, coach you through the fight, and provide you with the best chance of landing your trophy trout. After admiring the fish and snapping a quick photo of you and your trophy, you get to release that powerful fish back into the stream, a very rewarding experience.


Private Water

A private fly-fishing trip is intended to enhance the overall experience. Not only is it more secluded, but also because private water doesn’t get the pressure that public water does, the fish are generally larger and more eager to take dry flies. We are permitted to guide a large variety of private fishing destinations across Colorado. Here are some of our favorites.

Sylvandale Guest Ranch

Located in a sunlit valley at the mouth of The Big Thompson Canyon, this working dude ranch has it all. With a picture perfect section of Main Ranch River, and the Big Valley Lakes that hold some big fish, a day of guided fly-fishing at Sylvandale Guest Ranch is simply incredible. Sylvandale also has comfortable riverside cabins that are great for groups or families looking for lodging to compliment their fishing plans.

RMAC Properties

Rocky Mountain Angling Club has many private fly-fishing destinations all over the state of Colorado and we enjoy guiding on all of them. Here are some of our favorite RMAC properties that we focus on.

A-19 ~ Big Thompson
With a beautiful mix of deep pools, slow flats, and fast riffles, this ½ mile section of the Big Thompson holds some of the healthiest and colorful Rainbows and Browns in the area. The river bends nicely away from the busy canyon road leaving no distractions between you and those rising trout.

A-17 ~ Clear Creek
Clear Creek Ranch is a ¾ mile section of river with slow snaking cut banks full of healthy Browns and the occasional large Rainbow Trout. If you are in/from the Denver area and looking to experience excellent private fly-fishing, this river demands a guide that knows the water well. Our guides know what flies to use and when to use them. This versatile river is best complimented by a versatile fly rod. An 8’6” 4wt will be best suited for brush cover, river flow, and fish size.

A-16 ~ North Fork of the Big Thompson
This mile long section on the North Fork of the Big Thompson River is located just one hour from the shop. A-16 is friendly to beginner fly-fisherman and it has a lake with hungry trout to compliment the property. The North Fork is a skinny stream but holds an incredible amount of hard-hitting Brown trout. Because this stream is small and tight, an 8’ 3wt fly rod will be the best way to present flies to those active Browns. 

A-3 ~ Arkansas River
Located on the upper Arkansas River, “Gold Camp” is a wide-open cascading stretch of river with an excellent population of wild Brown Trout and the occasional Rainbow and Cutthroat. There are some deep holes and runs through this section that should be nymphed, but this river is truly ideal for dry fly fishing. These healthy fish feed hard on the surface all year round and will smack your dry fly as soon as it hits the water. This dry fly paradise is perfect for working on your long-range casting and is best complimented by a 9’ 4wt fly rod.

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