Happy Carp of July

 14 Pounds on the Boga Grip
I decided to go Carp fishing this morning and the above fish was the largest of 6 taken on one of my Wiggly Buggers (pictured below).
Wiggly Bugger
I tie several versions of the Wiggly Bugger.  Sometimes I use Doug Swisher’s Generation X dubbing for small versions (size 8) and other times I mix some of Senyo’s Shaggy dub (micro sized spandex) with a blended dubbing like Whitlock’s Golden Stone.  In either case, they are placed in a split thread dubbing loop (UTC 140) and tied to the shank and then picked out with a bodkin.  The tail is rust colored rabbit flanked by several shades of spandex (above is olive and brown/black barred Montana Fly material) 1.5 times the length of the rabbit .  Depending on the size of the fly I use small or medium black bead chain secured with superglue and Clear Cure Goo.
These flies can imitate a lot of different creatures but primarily crayfish.  If the fish prove difficult try a smaller size.


Erik Myhre
Erik Myhre