Hot Flies

Hot Flies

In an effort to keep your fly box fresh and loaded with the best patterns around FRA has this to offer, Jay Zimmermans Geezus Lizard

Bass beware!  The Geezus Lizard has entered the pond of flies.  Developed as a bass bug this fly has caught Pike, Trout, and Walleye.  It rides hook up to reduce the number of hang-ups when fishing in tight spots and helps to improve your hook set.  This might be one of the best all around crayfish patterns for big hungry fish.



Material List:
Color: Crayfish (pictured)
Hook: Gamakatsu Jig 90 Heavywire (round bend)
Size: 2 and 1/0
Tail Thread: Danville’s 210 flymaster plus (black)
Tail Tip: Frog’s Hair dubbing (Golden Yellow)
Tail Dub 1: Whitlock SLF (Dark Stone Nymph)
Tail Dub 2: Whitlock SLF (Nearnuf Crayfish Nat.Orange)
Body Thread: Danvilles’s 3/0 waxed monocord
Legs: Spirit River Tarantu-legs Hot Orange(Med)
Belly: Hareline Dubbin Scud Back 1/4” Clear
Rib: UTC Ultra Wire (Black) Medium
Weed Guards: Rio Saltwater Hardmono (17 pound test for size 2, 26 pound for size 1/0)
Body Rear: Dark Rust (micro mink on #2,rabbit on 1/0)
Body Front: Lite Rust(micro mink on #2,rabbit on 1/0)
Topping: Dark brown marabou
Eyes: Yellow dumbells (Med on #2, Large on #1/0)
Head: Whitlock SLF (Dark Dragonfly)


Not a fly tier, not a problem we have the Geezus Lizard fly selection here, 4 flies in two colors for $18.


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