Front Range Anglers
The Butterfly Pavilion

Aquatic Insect Investgations

In collaboration with the Butterfly Pavilion, explore the science of fly fishing as you discover aquatic entomology and its importance to your success on the river.

A beginning to intermediate level course designed to help make fly fishing and insect identification as easy as the ABC's.

Saturday, September 23, 2006
Part I: 9:00- 12:30 - Classroom Session at Front Range Anglers
Part II: 1:30-3:30 - Live Discovery at Boulder Creek

COST: $95.00

To register: Click here to register online or call 303-494-1375


"Intro to Insects for the Fly Fisherman" is a day-long investigation into the world beneath the surface as a trout sees it. Discover aquatic entomology (study of insects) from a fly-fishing point of view. Learn to distinguish between the multitude of fly patterns and the "natural" insects they imitate.

Flyfishing ABC's will help the beginner / intermediate fly fisherman:

  • Understand and identify the major groups of insects that are a primary food source for trout.
  • Learn life cycles of each group and the times of year when they are most available as a food source for trout.
  • Identify the various life stages of aquatic insects as the "natural" and its various imitations used by fly fishermen.
  • Discover the microhabitats that are home to specific insects groups as well as their behavior and adaptations that help them to survive.
  • Most importantly: Know what insects to imitate when, and the reasons why, in order to regularly catch more fish!

Includes a morning in the classroom with Patrick Tennyson, Education Director from the Butterfly Pavilion and aquatic entomology specialist. Part two is an afternoon on Boulder Creek catching and identifying aquatic insects in specific micro-habitats within the stream and how flyfisherman would best imitate them and when!


Patrick Tennyson, Education Director of The Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center

Masters in Non-Profit Management
B.S. Biology (Zoology Emphasis), Minor Chemistry

Patrick has been involved in environmental education for over 14 years, including over 5 years as an Interpretive Naturalist and nearly seven years in youth and adult program development. He has an advanced knowledge of Freshwater Aquatic Entomology, and participated in a one-month biodiversity study abroad. He is actively involved with numerous environmental conservation groups and Volunteers of America, as well as serving as Board President of Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE).

Patrick has been an avid fly fisherman for over 20 years and has been fortunate to have fished some of the finest lakes, streams and rivers in the Western United States. He has worked as a professional fly fishing guide and provided guide support for Marty Bartholomew author of Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado.