The CJA (winged version)

Paul Prentiss

The CJA is easy to tie and is a great pattern for trout in steams and lakes. Most of what I tie are sizes 14 and 16


Hook: TMC 3761 in a size 12 to 18
Thread: Black 6/0 Uni thread
Head: Copper, silver or nickel sized to fit hook ~ make sure that you can slide the body wire through the counter sink in the bead.
Body: UTC Wire size small or medium depending on hook size ~ the wire is applied directly to the hook shank in a tight wrapping ~ hold one the end near the bend with a pair of hackle pliers wile wrapping the other forward in a clockwise direction cut with old scissors or snips and pinch tightly together to remove any gaps ~ apply very small amount of super glue to both ends ~ make sure you push the wire through the head so that the bead is snug against the eye
Thorax: Peacock or dubbing ~ I like to use Life Cycle dubbing in a peacock shade because it saves time and is durable
Legs: Small white, tan, or black rubber legs tied in behind the bead ~ make sure they a stiff enough to hold their shape without being bulky. The fly shown above is a size 14 using Montana Fly Co small centipede legs in cream.

Comment: My favorite body colors in order of preference are hot orange or red, chartreuse, blue, black. There are so many colors choose so experiment all you want. I generally make up a dozen or so bodies and then apply the legs and thorax.