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Fly Tying Update March 2012

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New Materials and Tools for Beginner and Advanced Tiers

Join Paul Prentiss as he highlights some of the new 2012 materials and tools.  FRA thought that this would be a great demonstration for the beginning fly tier who needs an introduction to new materials and tools. We will showcase their importance, application, and variety. This is also a perfect platform for the advanced fly tiers who are going for a very specific look when tying up specific patterns.  The fly tying stacks have never been more full with new materials from your favorite companies as well as many new European offerings. The new products allow tiers to take flies to the next level and achieve a higher quality of tying. FRA will also showcase some of the new tools that make it faster and easier to crank out more quality flies. 

See you Saturday morning March 17th at 10 AM, for coffee, snacks, tying talk, and inspiration.


Fresh Batch of Midges

A row of fresh midges ready for a local tailwater.  Photo: Russell Miller


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