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Free Saturday Morning Demonstrations


New Indicator Flies - Saturday 11/19 - 10 AM

How many times has a good fish slammed your indicator? Does your indicator fly get dragged under in pocket water or swirling currents? Does it support multiple heavy nymphs in smaller sizes? Can you use the same fly over and over again?

Indicator Fly Image


WestWater Products has come up with several options. One is the Unibobber solution using an extra small version of its very popular Thingamabobber that was introduced a couple of years ago.

The second and most recent addition is the Thingamabody which could be a game changer for indicator flies. Why? It comes in multiples sizes and colors, takes minimal fly tying, is extremely sensitive to takes, and it just plain works well on still and moving water.

Indicator Fly Material

The Saturday morning clinic will show you how to tie these flies (there are some tricks to the process) and give you a chance to buy some at a discounted price.

See you all at 10am Saturday the 19th for this great demo.



Fly Tying Workshops 2011/12


Getting Started - Sunday 11/20
Cost: $69.95

Beginning Fly Tying Class at Front Range AnglersThis three hour workshop gives the necessary head start on learning to tie flies. It starts with basic techniques such as starting thread, winding thread, and whip finishing. Then, you will learn material handling while tying basic flies that actually catch fish.

Materials and vise are included for the class. A 15% discount is offered on materials and fly tying tools purchased the day of the class. Rental vises and material kits are available for post workshop tying at an additional fee.

Minimum Students required: 2
Maximum Students per class: 6

Instructor:   Wallace Westfeldt

Time: Sunday from 9:00am to 12:00pm

Date: November 20th


Register online, here.


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