The Clouser Swimming Nymph
– the right ticket for Carp!

Above: Brian Schmidt of Umpqua Feather Merchants fights a large carp on the Saint Vrain as Will Tiefel from Front Range Anglers looks on.

My go-to flies for fishing to non-rising fish are brown or rust colored Clousers or leeches.  Next in line is dark olive.  Most are tied with a little bit of flash and occasionally small rubber legs. Some 10 years ago on a carp trip I was introduced to the effectiveness of the swimming Clouser by Brad Befus.  It was and remains today his number one go-to fly for Carp.  It imitates leeches, damselflies, dragonflies, crayfish, and baitfish.

Clouser Swimming Nymph Recipe
Hook: TMC 200
Size: 6 ~ 14
Thread: FL Red Danville 6/0
Tail: Pearl Midge Flash & Burnt Orange Rabbit Guard Hairs
Abdomen: Burnt Orange Crawdub
Thorax: Burnt Orange Crawdub
Hackle: Speckled Brown Hen Back
Head: Tying Thread (Medium Sized)