Retailer Show - products that caught my eye
Paul Prentiss

According to Brian Schmidt at Umpqua, it’s a new carp fly that fish actually swim over and pick- up the minute they see it


A new belly boat from Outcast which is the ultimate in comfort and features - makes you want to give up your pontoon boat.

Simms G4 Waders which look great and have wonderful features including a built in vest. But it's serious sticker shock at $700.

New high performance rods from Sage and Winston.  The XP has been replaced by the Z-Axis.  I didn’t cast it but they claim it’s an improvement over the XP which is hard to imagine.

Two short (7 ½ -foot) high performance heavy weight rods (6-weight and 8-weight) from TFO for saltwater and heavy fresh water use.  No question I’m ordering the 6-weight.

Hobie kayaks for fishing which include self propulsion systems.  I’d love to have one for saltwater fishing but if I buy another boat I’ll have look for a new spouse.

Wading Pants (Crystal Creek) from Cloudveil.  I do mean pants because that’s exactly what they look like - pockets and a fly.  Just add a blazer and you can wear them out to dinner at a five star restaurant.

A new line of entry level fly reels from Ross - $39.00!

A must have accessory light at $9.95 from Cascade Crest Tools plus some great new flash fly tying materials.

A lot of great looking new fly patterns from Umpqua.  They also have a new specialized leader for Czech nymphing which will be a huge seller.  Take a look at the article by Andy Burk (he designed these leaders) in the new issue of Fish & Fly.

To read the new product releases published by AFTA (pdf format) click here

Alternatively, you can listen to what the Manufacturers have to say via Ask About Flyfishing Internet Radio – click here