Poudre River Report


Yesterday, I finely got around to fishing the Poudre River adjacent to the Poudre Trail in Fort Collins.  Several years ago I was informed that there were some pretty big browns that hang out in this stretch.  They could be hard to find but they were there.  My best fish of the day was about 17-inches and I lost one that was probably bigger.  I did spot several very large fish (over 20-inches) in some of the deep pools.  They were virtually impossible to reach from my position.  I fished with nymphs all day and had pretty reasonable action.  My fishing buddy decided to go with size 20 Black Beauty midge imitations (mercury beaded heads with black body and silver wire) retrieved just under the surface to rising fish in the large pools.  He caught 2 dozen or more fish in the 8 to 14-inch range.

Erik Myhre

by Erik Myhre