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When we say Sage products are made by and for anglers, we're not kidding. From Team Sage and the Sage Advisory Staff to industry-leading guide program and active support of numerous angling and conservation organizations, Sage feels fortunate to work and fish with some of the finest people around. Welcome to the Sage community-it's a good one, and they are extremely proud to be a part of it.

How To Select A Rod

Sage believes that selecting the correct fly rod is the first step in having a satisfying fly fishing experience. We manufacture nine different series of rods, in a variety of rod models and sizes, for every fishing situation around the world. Here is a quick three-step procedure to help you determine which Sage rod is right for your fishing situation or casting preference.

STEP 1 To select the ideal line weight, determine the species you will be pursuing and the size and type of flies you will be using. Generally, the lighter line weights are for smaller flies and fish; the heavier line weights are for larger flies and fish.

At Sage, you can determine the rod model by using this handy decoder.

A. The "9" means that this rod will use a 9-weight fly line

B. The "90" means that the length of this rod is 9 feet, 0 inches

C. The "-4" means that this rod comes in 4 pieces so you can pack it small to use for travel (if a rod model does not have a "-3, -4 or -5" suffix, that simply means that the rod comes in a 2-piece configuration)

D. The "TCX" is the rod family it belongs to.

STEP 2 Determine the type of rod action you prefer. Sage offers medium to ultra-fast action rods to suit many types of anglers.

STEP 3 The proper rod length is determined by the type and size of water you will be fishing. Generally, shorter rods are used on smaller spring creeks and streams. Longer rods are used on larger rivers, lakes and in saltwater locations.

Sage stands behind every rod with an excellent warranty, see all the details here.

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