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Chasing Silver – Location X


No maps. No GPS coordinates. Just the finest tarpon fishing ever caught on film. We blindfold world class anglers. Fly them in. Drive them to the water. And share shocking footage of unwary tarpon swimming at the boat in clear water – daring us to cast a fly. 45min.

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The location will not be revealed out of respect for the fishery, but we will show you every sparkling detail. Chasing Silver is the essential first step to understanding the greatest fish on earth. Location X is the impossible conclusion.

Chasing Silver: Location X was the dream trip of a lifetime. And was immediately dubbed “the best tarpon footage I’ve ever seen” by elite veteran keys guide and marine artist Vaughn Cochran in an advanced screening. In fact, the action was so surreal, even the anglers took time to adjust. It is our privilege to share the footage we captured and hope it will find a permanent place in your sports library for years to come. No fish were harmed in the making of this film, but a few expectations may have been permanently altered.

Note: The Location X DVD Special Features also include two how-to Fly Tying demos on the Toad and The Location X Floaty-Fly with rising fly-tying star Matti Majorin.


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