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G. Loomis NRX Trout Fly Rod


“I have gotten a chance to take out the 6wt on many different float trips during the late summer and fall. Trips this time of year really require a lot from a rod, from big heavy indicator rigs early in the morning, to size 18 dries w/6x tippet in the afternoon, and the evening is spent throwing double streamer rigs w/ 2 & 3x. I can say with total confidence that the GLoomis NRX series handles all of those situations with ease. No need to bring more than one rod to cover the different fishing situations. Plenty of power and backbone to effectively work streamers while having a soft enough tip to hit feeding fish in the ~20 foot range with small dries. A really impressive casting rod and its not half bad looking either. ” ~Russ

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The most sought after game-fish in the fly fishing world is the trout. They’ll test your thinking, your skill and your patience. There have been myriad books written about them… how to catch them, how to find them, even how to raise them; but few books can bridge the gap between talent and good old fashioned fishing know-how. Add to that a series of fly rods that are incredibly light with great tapers and you’ll see how technology can not only make you a better caster, but a better angler. NRX is sneaky powerful and smooth throughout the stroke, giving you incredible casting range, line control and accuracy. We understand the fish, the angler and the dynamics involved to make a great trout fly rod, but it’s Steve Rajeff’s design genius that makes them some of the best fly rods on the planet. Fly fishers have never had it so good! Whether you’re fishing streamers, nymphs, dries or big terrestrials, there’s an NRX trout rod to handle the situation


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