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Independent Angler


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This class is divided into three parts as well as a homework assignment! Locations and schedules are customized for each class.

Part I – Rigging: All knots, tackle, and steps required for multi and single fly (dry and wet) rigs are explained and taught hands-on. Students are loaned necessary tools and materials to become proficient at knots and rigging. Once you’ve mastered Part I, time for Part II! Estimated time is 90 minutes.

Part II – Feeding, Casting, Landing: Once students have become proficient at rigging, the class will regroup to learn about the insects that trout feed on, selecting fly patterns, a variety of casting techniques, and landing simulation. Got it? Let’s move on to Part III! Estimated time is 2 hours.

Part III – Fishing: Depending on the choice of the class, there will be a full day or a half day of fishing. Anglers will be fully equipped with rod, reel, waders, tackle, rigging lanyard, fly box and net. After that, we’ll help you select flies for that day’s destination. At the river, the instructor will give a wading lesson and serve as an adviser and coach. Rigging, fly presentation, and landing the fish will be done by the anglers.

Class and trip scheduling is customized for each class. Class size is limited to two anglers. Contact us to make arrangements.