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Nervous Water


It has been over 5 years since we began filming fly fishing around the world. It has been an amazing journey that has taken us to the ends of the earth. We’ve never released full length media to the public – until now. 4 featured films and 10 short films, along with the “fishporn” cut. 2 1/2 hours.

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Includes the following films: Nervous Water, Slovenia on the Fly, First Descent Alaska, Bird Chasers: the False Albacore Junkies of North Carolina, & award-winning short films – Angling addiction, Kate and Mark, Stream of Consciousness, & Green Screen. Also contains short films NC Redfish, Desert Bass, Permit and Bonefish, Wyoming Carp, Black Drum & Cutties in Wyoming.

Fishporn Cut. No matter how well-crafted the story, there are always those that just want to sit back, sip on something cold, and watch fishermen do what they do best (hopefully)…catch tones of huge fish…for all you fishporn lovers out there…this one’s for you. All of the best clips we’ve filmed since 2005, put to music.


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