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New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool


This is our favorite stealthy indicator for spooky trout. When the water is low and clear, this is what we put on.

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The ultimate 100% pure New Zealand Wool Strike Indicator Tool kit. Includes 100% New Zealand wool, Strike Indicator tool, and tubing sleeves.


These naturally buoyant indicators can be trimmed to any size and are great for stealthy presentation in low and clear water. Perfect for the S. Platte, Blue River and other technical waters.

Features and Specs

* Innovative Tool
* Easy to Attach Indicator
* Easy to Adjust Indicator
* Nymph is Suspended at Optimal Level
* Easy to Remove
* Knotless – Don’t Lose that Trophy
* No Damage to Leader
* Indicator Yarn Can Be Trimmed To Exact Size

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