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Spey Casting


Casting with a two-handed rod in the style that dates back to mid-1800s Scotland is no easy challenge. It’s now popular for all types of fishing, especially when obstructions block the backcast & for all kinds of fish – trout, striped bass, salmon, & steelhead. Forward by Thomas McGuane. 220 color photos, 66 illus., 9×11 inches, 308 pgs.

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Champion spey caster Simon Gawesworth teaches the switch cast, single spey, double spey, snake roll, snap T, and devon switch; discusses the differences between traditional and modern techniques; and recommends the right rods and lines.

“Simon Gawesworth . . . has studied the physics of spey casting with an eye to removing the voodoo that confuses students, and subjected his theory to practice in innumerable casting schools. . . . He has a capacity for encouragement, clear explanation, humorous and helpful analogies, homilies, and witticisms–all with the purpose of teaching and improving spey casting.”
–Thomas McGuane

Simon Gawesworth
 is regarded as one of the top fly-casting instructors and began teaching the casts on the river Torridge in Devon, England.


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