Gordon Wickstrom

** Canceled – Boulder’s Fly Fishing History with Gordon Wickstrom

*** It is with a heavy heart that we must cancel this event, as we are sad to say that Gordon passed away on Sept. 18. Gordon was aware that his health was fading fast and this was to be his final goodbye, his final gift to the Boulder fly fishing community, but alas mother […]

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When will Walker Ranch re-open?

Access still closed to Walker Ranch. Eldorado State Park is still closed as well. With the continued nice weather staring in at me through my window yesterday I got antsy and decided to head up to Walker Ranch in the afternoon to see what the current status was. Walker  Ranch is a favorite of many […]

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Boulder Creek still fishing well!

One of the areas 1/2 mile upstream of elephant buttress that had to be filled in to rebuild the road On my way back up the canyon yesterday afternoon I took the opportunity to pull over and check out some of the areas at the mouth of the canyon that had been restored post-flood. My […]

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The Creek is Back Baby!

A guest post from FRA Guide Services Manager Ben McGee All we could do was sit back and watch as Mother Nature put our city in a headlock last month. Panic and unrest prevailed as Boulder residents and our customers strained to hold on while valuables were being ruined and possessions were being lost. It’s […]