WAYPOINTS Finds the Mark

As the opening credits rolled and the title screen to WAYPOINTS lit up E-Town hall, I turned and looked back up the theater and was astonished that we had sold out the venue. Over 200 people packed into the hall and enjoyed what was yet another excellent fly fishing masterpiece by Confluence Films. The energy […]

Fishing Report

Boulder Creek still fishing well!

One of the areas 1/2 mile upstream of elephant buttress that had to be filled in to rebuild the road On my way back up the canyon yesterday afternoon I took the opportunity to pull over and check out some of the areas at the mouth of the canyon that had been restored post-flood. My […]


Fishing Trips with Dad

Growing up, I lived within a five minute bike ride of the Mississippi river. I would spend my summers along the shore, casting for Bass, Crappies and the seemingly endless supply of Sunfish. While I always had a good time going down to the river by myself or with a couple of buddies, there was […]