2011 Carp Slam

“Conditions were perfect with a 180 cfs flow in the Urban South Platte, clear water for sight fishing, and hungry feeding carp. Seven of 16 teams scored cyprinus carpio (Common Carp), and seven of 16 teams scored non-carp (trout, bass, walleye).  Competitors were unsuccessful on only 2 of the 16 beats. Beats were lettered from the A at 104th Ave to P at Oxford Street. A late beat change to a huge River North beat divided it in half. Only beat C and N yielded only skunks. Approximately 32 fish were caught by the 32 competitors.

Pro Clint Packo gave amateur, but carp obsessed, Trevor Tanner credit for their victory. “When we switched to Trevor’s McTage’s Trouser Worm we just started knocked ‘em out of the park.”

Trevor said, “Listen, we hooked a lot of fish. We landed 4 of 17 hookups in the afternoon fishing at Confluence Park, just outside of Starbucks and REI.” All the competitors had similar stories. Luke Bever, fishing at 104th Avenue in Valdvere Park was about as far from Starbucks as you can get and lost 3 fish almost in the net before hooking one from the bike path bridge as time was running out. Unlike Clem Rinehart, the Carp Slam Event Chairman and  former competitor, in an identical situation in a previous Carp Slam, Luke had a plan for getting to the water. What he didn’t plan on was falling into the 3 foot drainage ditch hidden by tall grass. As a true competitor he didn’t lose tension in the line and the 22 1/2 inch carp was subdued into the net.”……www.carpslam.org