Month: October 2018

Our Top 4 Bonefish Flies for Christmas Island

It's no secret that when you head to Christmas Island (Kiritimati) that you're going to catch a TON of bonefish. This is one of the many reasons that Christmas Island is such a fantastic place for the budding saltwater angler. When you arrive at your first saltwater flat, you'll be met with cruising bonefish. Now you need to determine which fly you should start with. A great place to start would be with the island's namesake fly: the Christmas Island Special.

Scientific Anglers: “Connections”

Connections— In this episode Fly Fusion Magazine Editor, Derek Bird along with Associate Editor Jim McLennan fish the creek and river mouths that run into one of North America’s largest fjord lakes. The sockeye cycle draws them there, but they’re not fishing for the salmon that have traveled over 500 miles to spawn in the glacial streams feeding the lake. They’re there to take advantage of the wild rainbow trout that rely on the spawning salmon as a food source.

Orvis: How to Make Accurate Casts at Long Distances

Here’s the latest video in our series featuring Pete Kutzer of the Orvis Fly Fishing Schools, in which he offers some important tips for maintaining accuracy at longer distances. When you’re casting to a rising trout that’s barely in range, you want to ensure that the long cast you make delivers the fly in the right spot. Otherwise, you might spook the fish, or it might never see your fly.

Fish with Front Range Anglers in Middle Earth

New Zealand is a place that inspires adventure. It is a mecca for fly fishermen from around the world. The fish in New Zealand grow to large proportions and are sure to test even the best anglers’ skills. Located on the border of Kahurangi National Park, River Haven lodge is nestled at the confluence of the Mangles and Buller Rivers. Due to its proximity to a myriad of rivers, anglers will never fish the same river twice, nor will they see another angler on the river (other than your fishing buddy).

Scientific Anglers: “The Next Bend”

Next Bend— In this episode Fly Fusion Magazine Editor, Derek Bird along with Associate Editor Jim McLennan, explore one of British Columbia’s gems, The Horsefly River. It’s got all the right ingredients to earn this status: deep runs, perfect riffles, logjams - and fish. The stream draws large, hard fighting rainbows from Quesnel Lake at specific times of the year. On this autumn float trip, Jim and Derek find some of these rainbows and also a few other surprises in some of the deeper water.

Scientific Anglers: “Eden”

Eden— For fly anglers it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find pristine and unpopulated rivers. In this episode Fly Fusion Magazine Editor, Derek Bird, along with Associate Editor Jim McLennan, explore a river where they catch large rainbows and bull trout and where the only other anglers on the stream that day are the grizzly bears.