Useful Spring Tips for Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek is known as one of the friendlier rivers around. But yesterday it was in a bad mood. Weather, cold, low, clear water, lack of bug activity, made it one of the more challenging rivers. Challenge is not bad. It’s a good time to hone those skills. First of small flies (top and bottom) were required. Small tippet. But probably the most important was timing and approach.

Timing: This time of year the timing usually means after 10am and before 4pm. However, sometimes early is better because the fish want that first meal and you want to be the first to fish them. Or to put it another way, you don’t want to fish them after Antonio has been there. Timing is also affected by bad weather. Cold, wind, rain put fish down this time of year.
Approach: The spook factor is high so approach is key. One solution is to fish alone. Groups do not help. Secondly, if you see fish slowly back away and find a station where you can blind cast to what you saw. Be slow be methodical and if you are not catching move. If the location is deep enough (Kayak pools above Eben G), you can always nymph deep; the fish are still there.
Have fun and good luck, the fish can still be found and caught!
b.c double 3.15 b.c brown 3.15