Moana Kofe ~ Thank You


Moana walking a lava lined flat, searching for bonefish.

There have been many that went before me; but really, not that many. So, I feel pretty lucky and even honored to have work with, fished with, and been guided by Moana Kofe. In his language (I-Kiribati) the ocean is called “te marawa.” However, in most Polynesian languages “moana” means “ocean.” When you were walking, listening, fishing, or just watching Moana, it felt as if you were immersed … in an ocean … of knowledge, culture, history, and kindness. His connection to his island was not about his bare feet. His connection to the fish was not the hook or the line. His connection to his, family, friends, co-workers, and clients was not the words. Instead, his connection was invisible, incredibly strong, and it hooked you. You felt the tug and you were reeled in.
For fly fishers all over the world, Moana will be missed, fondly remembered, and ridiculous stories will be told and most of them will be true.

We at Front Range Anglers would like you to contribute to Moana’s GoFundMe page (Click Here).  


In the midst of a story. Those who have fished with him know there was a never ending supply of great ones.

This site is for the medical aid for the people of the islands that Moana loved. (Pacific Island Medical Aid, PIMA; 501c3)

“These islanders suffer from a chronic shortage of basic, life-saving medicines and medical supplies, made worse by unhygienic living conditions and a critical shortage of doctors.”  -PIMA

This is an effective and kind donation to honor Moana.

Please help – It’s our turn to chip in.

~The Front Range Anglers Team