3rd Annual Pro-Am Carp Slam

Denver TU will be putting on the Slam Saturday August 22. According to Tim Emery “This year we are hoping for great conditions and big numbers of fish. Veteran Colorado guides will be volunteering their time to act as Pros for the event. Amateurs will pay to play and a random draw will determine the teams and fishing beats. Pros will vie for the coveted Carp Cup and amateurs will be in the running for valuable prizes donated by sponsors. This is a fun event dedicated to bringing attention and funds to the metro Platte River restoration effort. Check out our new event site at www.CarpSlam.org for specific details of the contest. Register early for your spot. “

The Slam will be limited to 15 teams so register early. There will be lunch and a post awards party. Those of you who want to learn about catching Carp on a fly can have a front row seat for the action. Volunteers to oversee the event are needed. Please volunteer at the event site or call Mike Hobbs at 303.484.8417.

Front Range Anglers is a sponsor of this event. Rob Kolanda, winner of the 2008 competition, is pictured above.