5 Reason why Fall Fishing Reigns Supreme

1. The Colors
Not only do the browns turn all sorts of gorgeous colors as they spawn, but so does every bit of foliage around the river. Even the drive to the river becomes a little bit more enjoyable.

2. Beatis
Beautiful and Elegant, might be the best way to describe the last mayfly hatch of the year. On cool overcast days look for every head in the river to be nosing these little treasures.

3. Big Flies = Big Fish
The math on this one is pretty simple. Once Browns reach sizes over 17 inches they like eating meat. I personally like swimming hanks of rabbit, attached to hooks 1/0 or bigger. When else can you throw flies that big, to lots of eager and hungry fish?

4. No Crowds
Kids are back in school, mom and dad are busy at work. The rivers are empty, except for a few out of work guides and plenty of retired, die hard anglers. Yes, your favorite hole is open right now!

5. Last Call
The fall for most people fall is the last call before winter rears its frigid head. There is a certain anxiousness to get out a few more times before packing the gear away for a while. Its only natural that we want to be out there one more day, maybe today ill get my biggest fish of the season. And you just might….

So get out there and get some of the best fall fishing that Colorado has seen in many years!