Sage One Fly Rod

FRA had a chance to take out the new Sage ONE a few weeks ago during the fly fishing show where the ONE won best freshwater and saltwater fly rod of the year. We thought we would put it to the test on the flats of New Orleans in search of redfish.

The ONE fly rod lives up to all the hype. The rod is deadly accurate at distance as well as in close. The use of Konnetic technology ensures the fly lands where you are looking. Fishing this 8wt feels more similar to a 6wt which allows for all day casting without fatigue. The 8wt is powerful enough to turn and land 30 pound redfish with ease. The ONE is a real joy to fish.

Order yours today and experience the new Sage ONE

Sage ONE 8wt out Redfishing
The Sage ONE resting up after getting a workout on the local reds. Photo: Russell Miller

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Jerry Siem takes a moment to tell us about his favorite new toy.