A Handy Tool For The Foam Fly-Tyer

Here is the list of the tools that I use to cut foam for my fly tying needs;
Razor Blades, either single edge or double edge which I break in half,
A steel straight edge,
A 5” x 7” picture frame glass (the “cheapest” frame that I can find)
And a template that I made using Power Point either in metric 1mm ~ 10mm or 1/16” ~ 5/8”
These are made on 4 5” x 7” templates;
Template 1 = 1/16” ~ 3/8”
Template 2 = 7/16” ~ 5/8”
Template 3 = 1mm ~ 6mm
Template 3 = 7mm ~ 10mm
I have these templates in a .pdf document.
If you would like a copy of these templates send me an email with “Foam Cutting Template Request” in the subject line. My email address; [email protected]
I will be more than happy to send the file to you.
The first page has “Template Use Instructions”, this is how I put together the Handy Foam Cutting Tool.

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