A Tale of Twin Cities

When pleasure takes you back to the midwest, make sure to mix in a little “work”. I was going back to the Twin Cities with my fiancee for her friends wedding and figured I had time to get out and fish some of the local hot spots. I phoned up Geoff Samples, who recently relocated from Montrose, CO to St. Paul, MN to work at the corporate 3M (Ross Reels and Scientific Anglers) for a little fishing. Figured he could use a trout buddy while adjusting to the warm water of the midwest.

Turns out he is settling in just fine. Minnesota has so much easy access to great fishing in and around the cities. He suggested we fish the Mississippi River as it runs through downtown St. Paul. Having never even wet a line in the biggest river in North America, I had to say Yes! The best part of it was that I got to try out some of their new lines, as well as cast a few rods that I would have never gotten a chance to throw.

The new Titan Taper Fly Line, is perfect for big flies, heavy wind, and shooting lots of line.

I was handed the Ross FlyStick Rod, the new F1 size 5 reel, and the new SA Titan Taper fly line. Let me just say that this set up blew me away. The rod is a 7’11” tournament length rod so its much shorter than most trout rods, but paired with the Titan line it was able to shoot almost the entire line, 100ft. The most impressive part about that is we had ~20+ mile an hour, steady wind all day. Casting was a chore, but it was made easy with the right equipment.

Samples, happy to be a Midwesterner, with trophies like this in his backyard.

Throwing big flies on heavy gear we caught a grab bag of fish including; Smallmouth, Walleye, Northern Pike, and a carp/shad like fish. Again this was in the heart of downtown! If we had more time they kept saying, we could go somewhere a little more “pristine”. What is better than sneaking out, laying into a bunch of fish, and the washing up to be home for dinner with the family?

Not too much! I can say that the rewards are always worth the effort.