April Outlook for the Front Range

April is here and every day is getting longer and the sun is higher in the sky. Translation: the fish are getting warmer faster and activity is going to do nothing but pick up. There can still be the odd day but in general the waters will be warning and the fish will be getting hungry. Look for fish to be moving into slightly faster water (seems and eddies with some current) and looking for slightly bigger bugs. Early caddis activity subsurface as well as stoneflies and drake nymphs waking up. Small streamers can be very effective as well. Overall, the season really starts gearing up the further into April we get and up till runoff can be one of the most productive times of the year.

Warmer temperatures also mean more water. Look to the canyons to find fresh fish ready to feed. The ice should be off most waters in the front range and even up through summit county as the month moves along. Clear creek up from Golden and Boulder Creek to and above the falls are great examples of these early season gems. If you are feeling adventurous the Big Thompson through to Drake can be exceptional if the weather is right. All in all April can be the perfect time to start exploring and finding your favorite stretches of river in slightly different conditions.  

If you really want to get away, April is the perfect month to visit Wyoming and try out some of the techniques from last week’s interview with Steve Korby. The lakes near Laramie are open and the big fish are hungry to take a fly. Being patient and following the weather can produce some very epic days on the water.

WARM WATER…it is finally happening. Our local lakes and ponds are really going to start turning on. Look for Bass and other warm water species to wake up and start feeding like crazy. They are spring spawners, so this is the time they are strapping on the feed bag and looking to eat. Look to the shallows and structure to find bass and crappie. This also marks the start of being able to target Carp. The DSP and any number of local ponds can offer ample opportunity to find the spooky fish. Keep things moving slow as the water is still cold but don’t be afraid to throw a larger fly than you think, you could just be pleasantly surprised.

Stop by or call Front Range Anglers if you have any questions or need to get rigged up for another amazing season.

FRA Guide: Tyler Jaskey