Are We Crazy? No Question About It.

Every year I meet a dozen or so fly fisherman on Sanibel Island to chase Snook.  It’s not organized…we just show up at the same general time (May and June) with the same objective.  Catch one of the large females that are cruising the beaches to spawn.  I’m talking about sight casting to fish that can reach 40+ inches in two feet of less of water.  I saw one in May that had to be 50-inches which I mistook for a shark.  She rolled to the side and I saw saw a broad yellow line down the middle of her body.  I just stood trying to get my line in the water as she swam off.  It sounds like fun and it must be a pretty reliable thing if you do it every year. Yeah…..Right!  Your trip will be great if
–the tides are right.
–you’re not facing a stiff offshore wind.
–wave action is reasonable meaning no large swells.
–the fish are not consumed by the spawning urge.
–the fly you have selected is something the fish is interested in – can change-day-to day.
–the presentation does not scare the fish and its done so the fly is presented as an easy meal.
–the sun is in the right position and water visibility is good.
–you’re far enough away from the fish so they are not spooked by movement or shadows.
–the hook is super sharp and the bite tippet is of adequate size and strength.
–you are good a spotting fish and occasionally running down the beach to make an intercepting cast.
–you don’t get frustrated by sun bathers, shell collectors, joggers, swimmers, and an assortment of other non-fishing folks that will get in you way at the most critical time
–you’re pleased to see spin fishermen working bait or lures catching two or three times the number of fish that you can nail on a fly.  Moreover, they will be fishing in conditions that will cause your fly line to wrap around your neck.
–you have the time to out tropical storms or unfavorable winds than can stir up the beach for a week or more.

So, why come back.  Here’s the reason