Arkansas River Below Pueblo – Fishing Report

Looking downstream on the upper section

Last weekend I had the chance to take the drive from Boulder, (~2 hours) down to what has been called the best kept secret in Colorado. The Arkansas below Pueblo Reservoir is a fly fishers dream come true. Clear skies, warm temperatures in the mid 60’s on a December day, and more fish rising than you could cast to in a day. The combonation of these things lead me to wonder why I have never made the drive down I-25…

Midges were on the menu for the day

Most of the “quality” water is open to the public and is accessed directly below the damn or on the North side of the river, at the Nature Center. In this water you will find a fair share of other anglers, sure a few of them will be bait dunkers, but even a 5 minute walk will give you a few runs and countless fish all to yourself.

Czeching out the new Greys XF2 10ft 2 wt, one of my new favorite rods, a true joy to fish with.
One of the many rise forms that I had the chance to observe and then cast to. Stocky City!!

On this particular day I did some very light nymphing fishing midges sz 18-20 behind a small beatis or a variety of larger flies all weighing in under a few grams. I rotated through a variety of colors and size combos only to conclude that the fish were just flat out eating, one particular pattern did not out fish any other. I ended up catching more fish up close to the damn, but larger more wild looking fish down near the nature center. The day ended with some green chili burritos from a small mexican joint and about ~35 fish in the bag, well worth the drive.

Sunset on the lower section, near the Nature Center.