Backyard Bliss

With the gas prices and water as high as they are, sometimes it’s fun to break out the Gazateer and hit the little local ponds that you have never hit before. The other day I went out with a good friend and we each picked out a few spots to try out.

We started at one lake that we had heard rumors of some huge Grass Carp, no luck. Packed it in and adventured over to another smaller lake that is rumoured to have some wipers. The only thing we could come up with was some small bass, and a few carp, kind of a bust.

We then headed over to another lake that we found on the map that we had not heard anything about. We saw some nice bass hanging out and nailed them on a top water popper and had a ton of fun.

What’s nice about exploring local lakes is, you never know what you might find in a short drive from your front door. Plus it’s always fun to show up in a fast food resturant wearing your wader’s, its usually good for a few comments.

The one down side, is sometimes you strike out with a lake, but sometimes you have to lose to end up winning somewhere else.