Bailin on your fishin buddy…12 Step Program

Alright no one wants to admit it, but at some point or another we have all made the call. You have already committed to a great day out on the water, just you and you fishing buddy, hitting it hard. Then something comes over you; the situation might change, a third wheel gets added, the weather looks bad, whatever your lame excuse is, you want and need to pull the plug on the trip, stat.

Here are some helpful tips for pulling the trigger:
1. Get the advice of your fellow fishing buddies. These are to be trusted guys, who “know” the situation. There is no one better to trust than a fellow fisherman who can sympathize and relate. Especially someone who is potentially a mutual friend of whomever you are bailing on, that way it will never come back and bite you in the ass.
2. Call your girlfriend or wife. Make sure that there is nothing going on that day that you did not know about when you made your plans. Deep down you hope she has come up with something since you last spoke that morning at 9Am, and dammit if she doesn’t come up with something, you will!
3. Pick up a guide trip. This one applies to the shop junkies. Oh sorry bro, I got to make money while I can…bummer I was so stoked about fishing on Saturday. Ha what a line, but works like a charm, every time.
4. Pull out the wild card. Have you checked the weather for down there…it looks terrible, there’s like a 30% chance of some heavy thunderstorms that day and you know how I hate fishing in a lightning storm. This one is tough because you know that some of that afternoon cloud cover should bring those fish up, but hey You dont want to fish with that bum, no matter what!
5. Just improvise. Come up with some brilliant scheme, but whatever you choose to come up with make sure its not the truth. You dont want to let him know how you really feel, do you?

By following some of these simple steps it should be no big deal to bail whenever you want. Leave you buddy behind, you dont want to be out fished, made the fool or be the third wheel of a situation. Believe me this is your best way out. So find a back room away from other distractions put on your game face, take a deep breath and make the call. You will only feel dirty for about two minutes before you can start scheming on where YOU want to fish instead.
Good Luck