Bass are Really Getting Active

You can hike/snow shoe to ice off in the park, or drive a few miles with your pontoon and handy wheel, and push less than 50 yards to your new favorite bass pond! The water is warming up and the bass are starting to hit the wooly buggers and Bellyache Minnows consistently. Rig up using a 9′ 3X leader with another 18″ section of 3x floro tippet or better. Anything lighter and its tough to keep them from diving into the heavy grass once they’ve done their tail walk. The only trick is to use a fly big enough that it keeps the smaller blue gill off!

If the bass are not your priority or you want to get your kid excited about fishing, take a 3 wt and a couple flies (SJ worms, large Hare’s Ears or PTs, or damsel fly) and catch about 50 in a couple hours.

Best of Luck.

FRA Guide – Brad Frederking