Bear Creek Delight

Had a great afternoon on Bear Creek. Bear Creek is a great little creek just 45 minutes away from Boulder. It reminded me a lot of Boulder creek. There is some beautiful stretches. Found every time of water, from pocket water to great riffles and pools. There is quit a bit of public water from Morrison all the way up to Evergreen, but like most of the Front Range there is plenty of private water. We saw a bunch of fish munching caddis, and saw some PMD’S.
There are mostly brown’s averaging 10”, but did manage to raise a couple in the 13”range, with a small population of rainbows. We got most of our fish on a Neversink Trude, Blooms Para Caddis, with a dropper of electric Caddis, hotwire caddis,bottom rollers, BTS PMD, and pandemic PMD.