Big T Update

Water continues to rise across the Front Range, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy a day or two on the water.  Certain areas are still fishing very well, the Big T in particular.  We have guides available if you want to get out and explore some new water.  Also, some of our private stillwater fisheries are on fire and it may be a good time to utilize a guide and fish one of those.  We had a lot of fun on the T this past weekend, as you can see below.

Big Thompson River – 225 CFS –

Flows are up on the T., but it is still fishing fine.  Anytime the flows come up, the water turns off color, but if it holds, the clarity should return to normal shortly.  Several guides have been out the past few days and here is what they found.

“Flows on the Big Thompson rose today by just 50 cfs, (up to 175) but that was enough to make the river chocolate milk.  This made fishing tough, but we still managed to catch some fish on worm patterns most of the day.  The fish switched over and started eating PMD nymphs in the afternoon. We also moved fish on a tan chubby chernobyl and dark bugger patterns.  Hopefully the flows will stay stable and the river should clear in a day or two.” ~Randy H.   

“With the higher water and warmer temperatures, the fishing around the state can still be very good. But with higher water conditions we are limited on where we could go. So Connor, Emily and I decided to fish the Big Thompson.  The water was higher and off color.   So with that info we decided using flies with good profiles was better than actually matching a hatch. Our main flies that we had success with were squirmies and brushhogs. We stayed in the 16 to 18 size and had great success.  We tried some chubby Chernobyls and hippie stompers but only had lookers and no takers. And the fish tended to be deep and behind structure. So using a heavy straight line nymph rig was the best option.  Be sure to get out this week and try the great fishing.” -Adam Spoerl.

“Big T canyon fished well on a purple chubby #10 down to a pats rubber leg #12.  Work the edges.  Also some nymph rigs of prince, juju, and copper ribbed RS2.  Thompson above the lake was very blown out and fished poorly.” ~Nick D. 


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