Big Thompson Report 4-11-12 – Its on like Donky Kong!

Wild fish on the Big Thompson that will slam offerings of Beatis, Midges, and Caddis!

There is a buzz in the shop lately about how good the Big T has been fishing. I am always a bit skeptical of getting fishing reports from customers and guides, but across the board everyone was saying how good its been. I could not resist. I headed out of work a bit early to fish the last few hours of the day and hopefully hit a hatch. Well customers, guides, and general public, you got me! The fishing was “off the hook!”

The wild rainbows might not be huge, but they are some of the most beautiful fish
on the Front Range.

I went down the canyon below the damn about three miles to a few pullouts that I really like and worked upstream. When I first arrived I was fishing a nymph rig, with a Tung Serveryor, Blue Poison Tung, and a Juju Beatis from bottom to top. Each fly took its share of fish, but the ever popular Blue Poision took the majority.

Blue Poison Tung doing its thing…

That was until the water started to come alive and I started to see Midges pouring off in size 18, Beatis in size 18, and a few caddis here and there. At this point the fishing went from good to great in a few minutes. I continued to nymph until the amount of fish rising was overwhelming. I quickly switched to dries and took fish that way. Eventually I switched back to my nymph rig and washed midges and beatis in the film. It was just more consistent and easier for me to see and feel as the light was fading away.

Watch the Video and see how many fish were rising in one little seam.

So the bottom line is get up to the Big Thompson when you can. The fishing is great, the flows are perfect, and on a weekday after work there was no one up there.

Have Fun!