Big Thompson Report

I fished the Big-T today in the upper part of the canyon (1 to 2 miles downstream).  It was all dry fly action.  The flows at around 62 cfs dropped about 20 cfs from Saturday and early Sunday.  The water was a bit off color (probably the rain) but the fish didn’t seem to mind and came up eagerly for the flies in every likely run.  One pattern, the XO, consistently drew the most strikes.  I use it a lot on South Boulder Creek.  Since it was already rigged up, I started with it.  I was using two dries – the XO (size 16) followed by a red quill parachute (size 18) 30-inches apart on a 10-foot leader with 6X tippet.

Turned out to be a pretty good day to go since it was a bit overcast and almost no fishermen.

Recipe for the XO
Hook: TMC 3769 size 16
Thread: Lagartun 74 amber or brown
Wing: Bleached deer hair
Underwing: Gold flash tied in short (1/2 the wing length)
Dubbing: Fine synthetic with contrasting colors – one of the colors ought to be brown or olive.
Tail: Antron golden yellow (optional)
Legs: Montana Fly Co Centipede legs small in a color to suit the tier