Booya! Antero

I made it down to Antero Reservoir on Saturday and had a great day out on the water. We had to share the water with a few boats trolling and about 20 folks in belly boats. Even with all those people there was not shortage of fish to be caught. We started throwing streamers in the morning then when our arms got tired and the chronomids turned on we sat back and dragged a bobber. Both methods produced fish, lots of fish. The day was perfect for fishing, the canoe made it out on the water and had no problems because the wind didnt start blowing untill around 4pm.

Got to see someone land a 28 inch bow that weighed 12lbs (on a fly), he had to pull up anchor and chase the fish to get it to the boat. The fish ran him into his backing, unfortunately he could not revive the fish after such an epic fight.

If you haven’t had a huge fish break you off in a while head down to Antero, where fish break 0X and 3X with ease. Pack some scuds, chromomids, and a few of your favorite leeches/streamers and enjoy the fight.