Boulder Creek Baby!

Today I decided to take advantage of the nice weather we were having in town and string up the rod and hit the creek for awhile. I headed to one of my favorite winter stretches by the library, nothing like fishing and shooting the shit with some local bums…

Anyways, the warm weather made for some pretty decent fishing. The water is running pretty low on the creek right now, around 28 CFS. So the fish were pretty spooky, keeping a low profile and remaining stealth was the name of the game. Despite the sunshine I didn’t see many rising fish, a few were sipping what looked like emerging midges in some of the slower pools. I opted to throw a single nymph rig using a size 20 black beauty and was able to pick of a few nice browns. It sure felt good to get out and throw the rod, but I can’t wait for summer when the browns will be slamming hoppers and streamers, rather than selectively eating flies the size of a staple!