Boulder Creek Bugs

Here are a few samples that I took from Boulder Creek near the mouth of the canyon yesterday. I placed a few great imitations next to the real Beatis. I caught fish on all these killer patterns. Charlie Cravens 2 Bit Hook in Dark Olive, Mercury Rs2 in Olive, and the Iron Lotus sizes 20-16. The 2 Bit and the Iron Lotus have tungsten beads so they make great droppers behind a dry fly.

The Flav nymphs pictured below were everywhere. Getting samples was easy but these guys were quick crawlers. I paired these with the BH Pheasant Tail, Tung Teaser, and a TB 20 Incher. These bigger bugs were best fished very deep near the stream bead and takes were unmistakable with the bigger sized hooks in sizes 16-12.

These same bugs will be crawling all around streams and rives along the front range. I did manage to sample a bunch of midges cream colored, and uncased caddis.
Best of luck to everyone over the weekend.