Boulder Creek is BACK!

Were Back Baby! Boulder Creek is on the fall!

Reports came pouring into the shop today (Monday the 25th) of how great Boulder Creek was over the past weekend. I made it out on Saturday and fished the upper creek above Boulder Falls which was awesome, another 80cfs and the flows would just be perfect, but like I said the fishing was great. Standing mid river I was able to hit either bank and fish an assortment of dries, fished a PMD for a while, switched up to a Hopper, and moved over to the Clown Shoe Caddis as the light grew dimmer.

A few Clown Shoe Caddis and Sallys for the Creek.

Sunday was a shop day for me and everyone was talking about going fishing, so I had to get out for a little evening fishing through town. Streamers sounded like a good idea and fun to me and guess what? The creek through town is fishing just as well as up in the canyon. Landed a nice 14in brown on a black little leech and put down cookie cutter 8-12inchers all evening. Take your bug spray with you, I have never seen a blanket hatch of mosquitoes like that ever.

The flows are still high, but the clarity is great and the fish are really eating everything they can get their mouths around. People have been asking when the rivers will be ready, well its officially time!

Get out and fish a river!