Boulder Creek still fishing well!

One of the areas 1/2 mile upstream of elephant buttress that had to be filled in to rebuild the road

On my way back up the canyon yesterday afternoon I took the opportunity to pull over and check out some of the areas at the mouth of the canyon that had been restored post-flood. My first stop was the library, and standing on the walking bridge I was immediately surprised at how clear the water has gotten over the last week. With only a slight stain, I was able to pick out numerous fish moving back and forth in the current.

I jumped back in the truck and made my next stop about a half-mile upstream from Elephant Buttress. With most of this section being completely overhauled over the last month I wasn’t expecting much, but was happily surprised when I saw numerous fish taking residence behind new boulders along the banks and feeding in seams created by recently placed boulders in the current.

Lots of hits on the PMX

After just watching fish for a while I was getting the itch, so I headed up to the BFC memorial park area and broke out the rod just to “test the water.” As expected, it is still fishing GREAT! I was using a shallow dry dropper rig and was picking up fish both on top and on the dropper. The fish had no problem fully committing to my size 16 PMX, which was a nice bonus!

Subsurface, I was using a fairly large (size 14) mayfly nymph pattern, and a lot of times it was getting hit immediately as it hit the water. Every likely looking pocket and seam seemed to be holding a fish. As for bugs, the air was actually pretty thick with some minute midges; good to see things are recovering and even thriving.

Another colorful little Brown!

Today and the rest of the week look to promise to be great examples of a Colorado indian summer, so get out while the gettin’ is good!