Carp in the Spring

Ill guess your weight for a dollar?

” Two factors must come together to have a productive day fishing for carp in the Spring. 1) Good weather. 2) No pressing responsibilities. Other than that, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be on the water – and in my case I’ll be poling around the flats and chasing a poor man’s bonefish – aka – carp. I was able to persuade another shop employee and master’s engineering student at CU, Jeff, from all else that mattered in the World. And it was worth it. As I expected, the carp started showing up on the flats when the water warmed and over the course of three hours we had nearly 250 legitimate shots and tailing fish. Typical with early season carp, they were grumpy and stubborn – meaning, selective and lazy. Longer, delicate casts prevailed and detecting sipping strikes was the name of the game. The first fish was incredibly deep bodied and being a fisherman and guide, I proclaimed, “15, at least 15 bro” – but having a scale is the only way to measure carp accurately and he turned up to be 25″, 10.5 pounds. 200 denials and spooked fish later, we brought in a solid 12 pound fish – a sweet way to finish the morning. Unfortunately, Jeff had to do some non-sense school work, so we bailed. Luckily, the fishing is getting better day by day and I plan to to get to know every one of those fish on a first name basis.”

Jeff getting the feel for poling around the flats.

“Anyone can catch a trout – don’t be disillusioned – and its cool I guess, the river, the mountains – blah blah blah …. Catching a carp from a flats boat that you work for, get to know, curse its name and finally hold after a 20 minute battle is whole other universe of skill and patience. Luckily, this opportunity is all around us and I offer guided trips for such an adventure. So for the brave, gimme a call! 505-350-0428. Oh, and for all you guys out there with a picture of a 24” carp on your facebook page, I promise its not 20 pounds! “

~TK Conner

And Release….