Carpin Toad

I absolutely love carp fishing. I’ve been fixating on it a lot lately, and although it can be frustrating, it is so much fun to finally catch those fatties. On a good trout day you can catch double digits in no time, but carp are a different story. It’s considered a good carp day if you get to fight just one strong fish.

I picked up a handful of new flies from the shop and there’s one that I’m really excited about; the Carpin Toad. I’m not sure if it’s the orange color, the rubber legs, or the lighter weight, but the common carp in my local still water have been loving it. My old go-to has always been the Backstabber. It sinks fast and the rust color has always been productive for me. The Carpin Toad sinks much slower than the Backstabber. This slower sink rate really caught the attention of the feeding fish without spooking them like the Backstabber can when dropping it right in front of their faces.

The first time I cast the Toad, carp were charging it like predatory fish, something I’ve never seen them do before (so I promptly set the hook way too early and missed dozens to my despair…which really only fueled my addiction). This kind of visual fishing is exhilarating. Even though it’s difficult, casting as these picky and easily-spooked fish will make you a better angler in any water.


The Carpin Toad is a great fly from Umpqua Feather Merchants.