Carpin with Barry Reynolds

Yesterday I had the chance to get out and do a little fishing with the carp master Barry Reynolds on one of his top secret carp lakes set in urban Colorado.

According to the all seeing eye of Noaa.gov we were expecting to see our afternoon thunderstorms around 11-1, but upon arriving at the lake the wind was strong out of the northwest and it looked like the front was upon us. Grey skies and a bit of chop on the water made spotting tails a difficult task to do. The first few hours or so were just spent walking and looking for mud plumes in the lake. Drop a fly in the middle of the mud, jig it around, and hope for the best.

Well needless to say that its a whole lot easier to catch carp when you can see a tail brushing the surface and you can lock into a target to drop a fly into. We got our chance at about 9:30 as the sun burned a hole through the matte of clouds. It was then that Barry capitalized on the opportunity to stick a few fish. Landing three in a short window of great weather.

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