CDC March Brown Dry Fly


FRA Guide Service Manager, Antonio Rodrigues ties another of his Umpqua Signature Fly Patterns, the CDC March Brown. The CDC March Brown is an excellent dry fly for prospecting or when larger mayflies are hatching. Grab your materials at https://www.frontrangeanglers.com
Materials Hook: Tiemco 900 BL #12 https://bit.ly/2S2IHjM
Thread: Lt. Olive UTC 70 https://bit.ly/2KlXZMn
Tail: Coq de Leon https://bit.ly/3c2KooX
Rib: Small Opal Mirage Tinsel https://bit.ly/3bJXKq8
Body: CDC Fibers https://bit.ly/2zewVMt
Wing: CDC Feathers https://bit.ly/2zewVMt
Hot Spot: Fluoro Fibre https://bit.ly/3bsXImH