Cheeseman Canyon Report – October 2011 – Getting Cheesy

A big Lacktarded Rainbow who loves the Cheese.

I like getting cheesed as much as the next guy, but right now in Cheeseman Canyon, everyone is getting some! Meaning the fishing is very good. The weather has been warm and a steady flow of about 100 cfs, means that the fish are sitting in perfect lies and the hatches are strong.

The leftovers from a great Trico Hatch.

Upon getting to the river in the morning, about 9ish, I experienced an amazing trico hatch. The fish were not keying in on the dries, but the hatch definitely got fish going. They were feeding hard and I capitalized. Using a variety of small nymphs (beatis, midge) fished behind a Tungsten Serveryer, Large Pheasant Tails, or Tung Teasers.

Tungston Serveryor doing it job, hungry browns in fast or slow water.

The few sticks that I farmed off the bottom of the river were covered in Caddis, and under every rock there were a good offering of Beatis crawling around. On hot days like we have been experiencing this fall a few hoppers will be clicking around overhead and a variety of other terrestrials can be found crawling around.

This was just too cool not to get a pic of….I have no idea what kind of beetle this is….

Cheeseman really can be one of the finest tailwaters on the front range to spend a day on. When its good its really good, when its tough, it teaches you hard learned lessons. Currently, id say its damn good. I ended up with just under 20 fish in the bag before cracking the tip off my rod. It seemed like the canyon telling me id had enough cheese for one day.

Until the next time I get a craving for some big cheese, ill remember this day.

Get Some!