Chubby Time


Paul:  Ben, would you pick out 10 of the top guide flies for local waters (will be available in the FRA August Newsletter)

Paul:  What the —— is is this.

Ben: Its called the Chubby and fish slam it plus its an awesome strike indicator.

Paul: It looks like a cross between a huge stonefly and a hopper.  There is no way this is going to draw strikes on the small creeks around here.

Ben:  Trust me it works.

Paul: All right I’ll try it but I’m not convinced.  You have definitely been behind the counter too long!

SUNDAY MORNING ON THE SOUTH SAINT VRAIN – The Chubby is on the line with a copper John and Psycho Prince 18 and 30 inches down the leader.
[ux_slider timer=”4500″ arrows=”true” bullets=”true” auto_slide=”true” nav_color=”dark”] [/ux_slider] Paul:  Here’ s a very deep pool.  There’s got to be a good fish here

WHAM! A 21-inch Rainbow takes the Chubby.

Paul: This is got to be a fluke.  Here’s another deep hole next to some fast current

WHAM! A 19-inch Cuttbow Takes the Chubby.

I can’t believe this

One more time and I’ll never take this fly off

WHAM! A 18-Rainbow inhales the fly in fast water

A Video from Idylwilde Flies

We carry it in the shop

How to Tie It