Clear Creek Fishing Report 4/29/12

Went out and spent a few hours on Clear Creek yesterday 4/29/12.

Here is the report…

 Some good looking water up there.

We fished a couple of different pullouts between tunnel 2 and tunnel 4.  There were a good number of other anglers out and about, but more than enough water to find some solitude and a bunch of fish.  Upon our arrival around noon, we witnessed a great caddis hatch.  The fish were not up on the dries, but there we caddis out everywhere.  It got the fish on the feed.

Average Clear Creek Brownie.  A 3wt might just be the perfect rod for the canyon.

I fished a dry dropper dropper rig with a Baby Boy hopper up top followed by two caddis pupa.  The rig was deadly.  I got a few fish that smashed the dry, but for the most part they really wanted the caddis nymphs.  The video should show you why.  That day in the canyon I got the mini slam.  Brown, Bow, and Brookie!  I was really happy with the brookie, I have never gotten one before in the canyon.

Short video of some Caddis action on Clear Creek…

The clarity of the water was good, it had a slight green tint to it.  I personally think that is perfect!  Overall the fishing was terriffic.  I would encourage everyone to get out somewhere this weekend.  Clear Creek would be a great option.

Boom Baby!!!